Basketball Gods Scouting Notes: Cade Cunningham (NBA Draft)

Updated: February 17, 2021
NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Oklahoma State

Basketball Gods Scouting Notes Will Be Updated Multiple Times When Needed, To Provide Basketball Fans With Enlightening Descriptions Of An NBA Draft Prospects Skill Strengths & Weaknesses, Also An In-depth And Thorough Full Scouting Report Using Basketball Gods Analytics, Will Be Created And Provided To Basketball Fans Throughout The Basketball Season

Updated: 2/17/2021

Strength & Weaknesses

  • Love his combination of poise, high basketball I.Q, court vision, play making, and versatility
  • Not many weaknesses in his game and has the ability to impact the game in a variety ways
  • Can be your starting point guard, starting small forward, operate as a point forward, and play along side point guards and shooting guards that thrive as high level scorers
  • Has the type of game that will allow him to be highly impactful without needing to be a high level scoring threat, meaning his skills will allow him to create offense and generate offense in a variety of ways
  • Reminds me of Grant Hill with good, but not great athleticism
  • I also see some Scottie Pippen in his game and style of play
  • May be the safest draft pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, could easily develop into a elite role player or become a top 25 player in the NBA
  • Big physical guard/forward who game relies on fundamentals, awareness, sav-vy, and excellent feel for the game. When he’s playing at his best, these are the qualities that make him special and highly impactful
  • A good athlete, not going to overwhelm you with his speed, quickness, and jumping ability, but shows impressive leaping ability in space with momentum. And plays the game with good balance and body control
  • His size, length, strength, and positioning is what he truly uses to gain a physical advantage when needed.
  • His basketball I.Q and craftiness allows him to be very effective at winning the battle for position
  • Plays the game with great Know How Instincts, he just knows what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Which makes him highly impactful and a valuable contributor in a variety of areas that contribute to winning
  • Plays the came with great pace and control, never really in hurry and rarely plays out of control, but turns it up when needed.
  • His ability to control pace, tempo, and flow will allow him to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of possessions when he’s the primary ball handler and when the offense is being ran threw him


Advanced Stats & Analytics

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