Carmelo’s Anthony Future This Season Seemed Uncertain, Now There Are Reports That Carmelo Will Have The Opportunity To Play Again This Season

Updated: January 19, 2019
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Carmelo Anthony’s available options to play again in the NBA this season seem nonexistent, to the point where it might have been best for him to start considering retirement. Now there are reports that Carmelo will be able to play again this season, possibly before the February 7 trade deadline. Carmelo Anthony is still part of the Houston Rockets roster, away from the team as Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets general manager, looks to trade him to a team that sees Carmelo as a potential valuable asset.

Carmelo was averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds in 29.4 minutes a game while playing for the Houston Rockets this season, but he played in just 10 games for Houston after signing a one year $2.4 million deal during the off-season. The team felt that Carmelo was not a good fit and decided to part ways with the goal of giving Carmelo the opportunity to play for a team that can possibly utilize his talents, skills, and experience.

Daryl Morey comments regarding Carmelo not being a good fit, which became the reason why both Carmelo and Houston decided to part ways:

” Carmelo had a tremendous approach during his time with the rockets and accepted every role head coach Mike D’Antoni gave him. The fit we envisioned when Carmelo chose to sign with the Rockets has not materialized, therefore we thought it was best to move on as any other outcome would have been unfair to him.”

Carmelo was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Atlanta Hawks in July before the Hawks released him to clear the way for him to sign with the Rockets. Houston thought the 13 year veteran would be a valuable piece and a key contributor to their desire to compete to win a championship this season. Instead the rockets got off to a frustrating 6-7 start, and then the positive emergence of undrafted rookie Gary Clark and Carmelo’s decreased production, gave the rockets the desire to reduce Carmelo’s role with the team. Which ultimately led to the Rockets deciding that it would be better to move on than to force Carmelo to accept a reduced role.

Carmelo has not played in a regular season game since Nov. 8, but now there have been rumors that Anthony has multiple options available to play again this season, and league sources are expecting him to choose a team before the February 7 trade deadline, according to the Athletic’s Sam Amick

Despite Carmelo’s underwhelming performances the past two seasons, in which he produced his lowest scoring season’s for the last two teams he played for (he averaged 16.2 points for the Thunder and 13.4 points for the Rockets). There’s a possibility that his struggles were a reflection of him being poorly used by the coaching staff or it could be a reflection of unrealistic expectations being placed on a player who is at the end of his career, and is not capable of producing the elite numbers that he produced earlier in his career. But the fact of the matter is that Carmelo is still a highly skilled scorer and a experienced player that can definitely still produce at a level that would allow him to be a valuable contributor to many teams in his NBA. All he needs is to be part of a team and coaching staff that will give him the needed role and realistic expectations that compliment what he’s capable of producing at this point in his career.

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