Dennis Schröder Desire’s Bigger Payday Than the Lakers are Willing to Provide

Updated: July 14, 2021

News out of The Bleacher Report indicates Dennis Schröder and the Laker’s expectations on salary and his place on the roster are simply not matching. He intends to test free agency and search for a starting point guard role elsewhere. Schröder declined a 4-year 82-million-dollar extension during the season, as his camp has expressed that they believe him to be a max contract caliber player. Although his disappearance in the playoffs this postseason would indicate the offer is more than fair compensation for his services as their secondary playmaker, Schröder holds a tremendous amount of leverage at the negotiation table.

If Schröder decides to walk this offseason and signs straight out in free agency with another franchise, with the Lakers over the cap, they will not be able to replace him. The salary slot can only be maintained if they retain him on the roster or if he complies with a sign and trade. After their title run, Los Angeles ambitiously made several changes to their rotation, by letting their two bigs in McGee and Howard walk and replace them with the seemingly washed Marc Gasol and the nearly unplayable Montrezl Harrell. To acquire Schröder, they sent 3 and D guard Danny Green plus their 1st round pick in hopes to lighten the load off Lebron’s shoulders in the regular season.

Maybe the narrative would have played out differently with a healthy Anthony Davis and Lebron James, however, the outcomes of the postseason leave all of the Lakers offseason actions last year as a bust.

Several teams have been rumored to have interests in signing Schröder, including the New York Knicks who have the cap space to sign him outright and give him the role he desires. When the Lakers traded for Schröder, they assumed at the very least that they would retain a big movable contract to add to the books. If he decides to head to New York though, with all their draft capital owed to New Orleans after the Anthony Davis deal, the future of the Lakers as a dominant player in the West will be purely dependent on the James-AD tandem.

There have been rumors to bring back LA-born point-guard Lonzo Ball in a sign and trade. However, Schröder and his people would need to agree to a contract that would cement him into a deal that spends the rest of his prime in New Orleans. As bad as the Pelicans were on defense last year, it is hard to imagine why they would want to exchange their two-way guard in Lonzo for a defensive liability in Dennis Schröder.


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