JaKarr Sampson – NBA Evaluation

Updated: December 17, 2020


JaKarr Sampson pic

Position:  Small Forward
Height:  6’8”
Weight:  214 lbs
NBA Years Pro:  25Years
College:  St. John’s
Team:  Indiana Pacers


2020-2021 Statistics


Career Statistics


College – Awards & Accolades


Talent Evaluations Using Basketball Analytics:

  1. Talent Evaluation Analysis Formula – JaKarr Sampson (Coming Soon)
  2. Entertainment Factor – JaKarr Sampson (Coming Soon)
  3. What Type Of Special Athlete Are You? – JaKarr Sampson (Coming Soon)
  4. Potential To Achieve Greatness – JaKarr Sampson (Coming Soon)

Scouting Report













JaKarr Sampson Highlights Center













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