Melo Trimble Is Showing That He Has the Potential To Develop Into A Very Good NBA Point Guard


The more I watch Melo Trimble play this year, the more I realize that he has the talent and skills needed to potentially develop into a very good NBA Point Guard. He really is a talented player who possesses the ideal skills needed to be a impactful scoring point guard at the NBA Level. He’s a creative and skilled scorer who also possesses solid playmaking and facilitating skills. He really reminds me of Jay Williams from duke, he’s not the consistently dominate and efficient player that Jay Williams was. But his style of play and overall skill set is very similar to the skill set that Jay Williams possessed.

I think Melo Trimble problem last season is that he was too focused on the NBA, trying to impress scouts, and show that he is a NBA point guard, which maybe made him an insecure ball player who’s mind was not focused on doing what’s needed to help Maryland win games. He should learn from Buddy Hield (who decided to stay in college after his junior season to make himself a better basketball player), and simply just focus on developing into the best player he can be and look to develop the great ability needed for him to help his college team play at a very high level. If he does that, then he will definitely easily showcase the special skills he possesses to NBA scouts who will be impressed with his skills and ability to lead his college team to a successful season, which will potentially improve his draft stock.

But for the most part, Melo Trimble has been impressive during the early part of the college basketball season. His ability to create offense for himself through shooting, driving, maneuvering through traffic, and finishing lay-ups at the rim have been impressive. As well as his ability to create offense for his teammates and takeover games in crunch time. He’s also been a great leader for a young Maryland team that is simply not as talented as last year team, which was a team that was full of pro players (example: Robert Carter Jr, Jake Laymen, Rasheed Sulaimon, etc). Melo Trimble has Maryland playing at a very high level, he consistently has played exceptionally well, he has been highly efficient, and is a talented player that is very fun to watch play.

Playing in the NBA is his ultimate goal, and during the early part of the college basketball season, he’s proving that he possesses the skills and talent that will potentially make him a very valuable contributor to any NBA team.

Early Season Stats For Melo Trimble:

145.411.149.01.9 5.436.0 5.3 6.384.13.12.9 0.1 1.1 3.1 18.1

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