Talent Evaluation Analysis Formula

• This grading and player rating system is a strategically designed tool used to enable reliable, precise, and accurate evaluation of talent / skill capabilities important to determine the established ability and quality performance level of individual basketball players who strive to have realistic views of their strengths, weaknesses, and foundational skill development attainment standards

• This grading and player rating system will hopefully promote performance enhancement because of a players desire to improve through learning about their strengths and weaknesses in ways that ultimately maximizes performance through gaining understanding and awareness about quality skill needs that determines a players ability to perform at a high level

• Also this grading and player rating system will hopefully promote a simplistic way of judging and rating players in ways that prevents overrating, underrating, overvaluing, and undervaluing players. A useful tool that can be used by many basketball organizations who want to choose basketball players for their teams based on determining high performance standards that come from utilizing a high level talent evaluation analysis formula

• I personally believe that basketball is on its way to being the greatest and most loved sport in the world, and I think that this unique talent evaluation analysis formula will contribute to that possibility, by giving every passionate basketball player the opportunity to reach their full potential through the utilization of enlightenment (enlightenment meaning – the state of being able to understand clearly, in ways that connects with true awareness, true understanding, and true realization of the ultimate truth). This formula is special & unique, because it will contribute to creating high quality standards when it comes to judging and evaluating elite basketball talent. Players will be able to humble themselves, by embracing what they naturally do well to compete at a high level, and what they need to improve upon to compete and play basketball at an even higher level. And fans will be given the opportunity to gain a true appreciation for the special talent & skills that an elite basketball player possesses.

• This Formula Is Created To Judge Elite Level Basketball Talent – Which Includes:
1. Elite Professional Basketball Players ( American & International ) From The Best Professional Basketball Leagues Around The World
2. The Top 100 NBA Draft College Prospects
3. And Less that 5% Of The Most Talented High School Prospects
Why? – Because Higher Levels Of Competition Greatly Exposes The True Strengths And Weaknesses Within A Players Skill Set That Ultimately Determines His Potential To Achieve Greatness. The Reality Is That A Great Player In High School And College, May Only Possess A Overall Talent Level And Overall Skill Level That Potentially Will Allow Him To Only Be An Average Or Good Player In The NBA
To Dominate When Playing High School Basketball, Players May Only Need To Possess A Combination Of Great Talent And Physical Maturity
To Dominate When Playing College Basketball, Players May Only Need To Possess A Combination Of Great Talent And Great Skills
But To Dominate When Playing NBA Basketball, Players Must Possess A Combination Of Great Talent, Great Skills, And A Great Understanding Of How To Play The Game Of Basketball
And The Talent Evaluation Analysis Formula That I Created Can Be Used To Determine Accurate Talent / Skill Capabilities Important To Discern A Players Ability To Achieve Greatness, By Relying On Concepts That Embraces The Realistic View, That Great Talent + Great Skill Level + Great Understanding = Elite Basketball Player

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