The Kevin Love Complex | A Buyout in Cleveland

Updated: July 9, 2021
Kevin Love Article Pic

Recent reports out of Cleveland have indicated that buyout discussions between the Cavaliers and Kevin Love are currently on the table. Love is owed 60 million over the next two years, and with Cleveland situated at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, a buyout would be a mutually beneficial outcome. After the failed experiment of ownership hastily giving Love a near max 4-year extension in an emotional response to Lebron James’ departure to California, the delusional hopes of resurrecting Minnesota K-Love were short-lived. Love has been constantly sidelined with injuries and when on the floor, has shown open discontent with his young teammates and the situation of the franchise. He has also openly expressed his struggles with anxiety and panic attacks which have been an additional variable in his on-court availability.

His impact and production simply do not match the salary his name is currently attached to, and with his interpersonal issues over the last two years, his 30-million-dollar contract has been seen as a toxic asset and simply untradeable. To cut their losses and create cap space, the Cavs and Love are attempting to find a middle ground, where Love returns a portion of Dan Gilbert’s money, and in return, Kevin gets a fresh start elsewhere.

Along with the reports of a possible buyout, the assumption is Love will sign a vet-minimum with a contender with the intention to revamp his value and perception around the league. Multiple reports have rumored the Golden State Warriors as a frontrunner for Love as they have had interests in adding him to the roster for years. A Klay Thompson & Kevin Love trade has even been discussed some years back and the fit next to Draymond at the 5 could help solve the spacing issues they have dealt with in Durant’s absence. The Heat and Celtics have also expressed strong interest in signing Love if the buyout were to occur.

At 32 years old, a defensive liability, and injury-prone, no team in basketball wants Kevin on the books for 30 million…but for a 1-year-3-million-dollar deal? When healthy, Love is a walking double-double, with one of the purest strokes from distance for a frontcourt-sized player. If he were to be bought out, this opportunity may manifest the steal of the offseason. Not only for this year but by signing Love on a vet minimum, it would give teams over the salary cap his bird rights and the ability to retain him even if his play exceeded expectations. We saw in the playoffs how impactful a change of scenery was for the injury-worn Blake Griffin in his move from Detroit to Brooklyn. Imagine what moving from Cleveland and Sexton to wide-open corner jumpers next to the Splash Brothers in the Bay could do for Love.

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