Trade Speculations And Scenarios – It’s Dame Time: 76ers Unloading Simmons For Dame Is An Intriguing Possiblity

Updated: June 26, 2021
Ben Simmons Trade Scenario Pic 3

Ben Simmons Trade Scenario Pic


Early in the season, this was essentially the package that Houston requested for MVP guard James Harden and Philadelphia passed on the opportunity. The question by Philly fans looking at this hall of assets attached to Ben Simmons’ name for Damian Lillard is if they didn’t do it for the Beard why do it for Dame? Well, there are two answers. The first is they probably should have…the second is, as deep as this treasure chest may appear, Ben’s stock has never been lower. In last year’s offseason this exchange would probably have been seen by most as an overpay by the Sixers for a 30-year-old guard who only plays one side of the ball, and now one could argue it’s just not nearly enough.

Ben Simmons is owed just shy of 150 million over the next four years in Philadelphia. In 2024 alone he is a 40 million man who presumably at this rate of evolution still won’t have a jump shot. As runner-up to defensive player of the year, and limitless physical potential, Philly has been reluctant to move on their 6’11” “point guard.” But after being embarrassed on their home floor, putting together a historically catastrophic playoff series against Atlanta, Simmons had zero field goal attempts in the 4th quarters of games 4, 5, 6, and 7. He also has shot so poorly from the line, that he received the Hack-a-Shaq treatment as early as the 2nd quarter in game 5. It not only killed the Sixers’ momentum but their home-court advantage, as Philly fans fell into silence as they were forced to watch Ben continue to shoot with his left hand. In game 7, his fear of going to the line forced him to pass up wide-open dunk opportunities with fear of creating contact.

With Dame on the roster, it would be the first time to see Joel Embiid matched with a top-tier point guard. Their depth would be suspect, and they would need go through the junkyard in the offseason for Vet minimums. However, with Lillard, Tobias Harris, and Embiid, we may witness career years for Dame and Joel with the gravitational pull from the inside out. Unfortunately for Philly, the package above is most likely now unrealistic after the Sixers collapse. The package would need to be more like the one below, but with Embiid’s health, although still young, this is presumably his prime, and its duration being longer than Dame’s is doubtful.



Ben Simmons Trade Scenario Pic 2

The Trail Blazers have run back this CJ-Dame backcourt two too many times. After being swept in Portland by a hobbled, no depth, KD-less-Warriors in 2019, it seems inconceivable two years later we are still watching these guards paired in early playoff exits. CJ McCollum has been on the trade block every year since 2017, but at 30 million next year and nearly a 100 owed over 3, his on-court value to cost ratio is off by a mile. Even with draft picks attached, it is unlikely CJ as an asset could fetch something substantial enough to move the needle for this Portland squad. For this reason, it is Dame I have been prescribing the Blazers to move since 2018. The hall that franchises have been receiving for top 15 players the last handful of years has been enormous. And since Dame would most likely be asked to sign off on a trade from Portland prior to the exchange being finalized, the Blazers should be able get a near-AD size war chest of assets.

If Portland still believes in Simmons’ potential either as a 6’11” point guard or a dynamic point-center then the exchange could be mutually beneficial. However, Portland would surely want more for a player they perceive as a top 10 player in this league. The standard pricing has included 4 first-rounders plus a blue-chip young player. But since Ben Simmons is already on his max and the value of the salary is now in question, the Trail Blazers would want to be relevant now. To balance out the exchange from Portland’s perspective, sharpshooter Seth Curry and an additional 3 second-round picks would be added to the deal. They would also demand the two later picks in 2026 & 2028 unprotected.

If they were to pick up Simmons, it would be ideal they put him at the 5 and use Jusuf Nurkic as a miss-match off the bench. They could have a small yet lethal starting lineup around Simmons with 1. Curry 2. Powell 3. Thybulle 4. Covington 5. Simmons. This would move CJ to the role he was born for, as a microwave scorer off the bench who takes over in the 2nd quarter and early in the 4th. Thybulle arguably is the best young defender in the league outside of Simmons himself and Tyrese Maxey has shown flashes of fringe all-star potential and could be a good rotation player immediately in his sophomore year. But most of all, for Portland, there would be a future outside of the constant run of post-season disappointments that appear inevitably if they continue with the path they have currently paved.


Again, after the Sixers’ recent burnout, even the larger package may look lacking for possibly the 2nd best point guard in the game. Along with the lack of leverage Morey and Philly will have this offseason, arguably, Simmons can no longer be the blue-chip asset for an All-NBA talent. However, one could also argue, that this is still a hall for a guard over 30. With these additions, Portland would have tremendous depth, along with potentially blue-chip picks in 2026, & 28 if Embiid’s health declined, which appears likely.






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