ABA Legends

Julius “Dr. J” Erving6-7210SFVirginia Squires, Newyork Nets
Mel Daniels6-9225CMinnesota Muskies, Indiana Pacers, Memphis Sounds, New York Nets
George “The Iceman” Gervin6-9185SG/SFVirginia Squires,
San Antonio Spurs (ABA)
Rick Barry6-7205SFOakland Oaks, Washington Caps,
New York Nets
Roger Brown6-5205SG/SFIndiana Pacers, Memphis Sounds, Utah Stars
Connie “The Hawk” Hawkins6-9215SF/PFPittsburgh Pipers, Minnesota Pipers
Spencer Haywood6-8225PFDenver Rockets
Artis “The A-Train” Gilmore7-2240CKentucky Colonels
Moses Malone6-10235CUtah Stars, Spirits of St. Louis
Billy “The Kangaroo Kid” Cunningham6-7210SF/PFCarolina Cougars
George McGinnis6-8235SF/PFIndiana Pacers
David "Skywalker" Thompson6-4195SGDenver Nuggets
Maurice Lucas6-9220PFSpirits of St. Louis, Kentucky Colonels
Doug Moe6-6220SFNew Orleans Buccaneers, Oakland Oaks, Carolina Cougars,Virginia Squires
Dan Issel6-9240PF/CKentucky Colonels, Denver Nuggets
Marvin Barnes6-9225PFSpirits of St. Louis
Zelmo “The Franchise” Beaty6-9235CUtah Stars
Ron Boone6-2200PG/SGDallas Chaparrals, Utah Stars,
Spirits of St. Louis
Mack Calvin6-0170PGLos Angeles Stars, The Floridians,
Carolina Cougars, Denver Nuggets,
Virginia Squires
Darel Carrier6-3185SGKentucky Colonels, Memphis Tams
Louie Dampier6-0175PGKentucky Colonels
Donnie Freeman6-3185SGMinnesota Muskies, Miami Floridians,
Utah Stars, Dallas Chaparrals,
Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs
Warren Jabali6-2200PG/SGOakland Oaks, Washington Caps,
Indiana Pacers, The Floridians,
Denver Rockets, San Diego Conquistadors
Jimmy Jones6-4190SGNew Orleans Buccaneers, Memphis Pros,
Utah Stars
Freddie Lewis 6-0175PGIndiana Pacers, Memphis Sounds,
Spirits of St. Louis
Bob Netolicky6-9225PF/CIndiana Pacers, Dallas Chaparrals,
San Antonio Spurs
Billy Paultz6-11245CNew York Nets, San Antonio Spurs
Charlie Scott6-6175SGVirginia Squires
James Silas6-2190PGDallas Chaparrals, San Antonio Spurs
Willie Wise6-6220SFLos Angeles, Utah Stars,
Virginia Squires
Larry Brown 5-9160PGNew Orleans Buccaneers,
Oakland Oaks, Washington Caps,
Virginia Squires, Denver Rockets
Bobby Jones 6-9210SFDenver Nuggets
Steve “Snapper” Jones 6-5205SGOakland Oaks, New Orleans Buccaneers,
Memphis Pros, Dallas Chaparrals, Carolina Cougars, Denver Rockets, Spirits of St. Louis
Larry Kenon 6-9210PFNew York Nets,
San Antonio Spurs
Gerald Govan6-10220CNew Orleans Buccaneers,
Memphis Pros, Utah Stars,
Virginia Squires
George Carter6-5215SG/SFWashington Caps,Virginia Squires,
Pittsburgh Condors,Carolina Cougars,
New York Americans,
Memphis Sounds,Utah Stars
Billy Keller
5-10180PGIndiana Pacers
Billy Knight6-7200SG/SFIndiana Pacers
Ralph Simpson6-5200SG/SFDenver Rockets, Denver Nuggets
Darnell “Dr.Dunk” Hillman 6-9215PF/CIndiana Pacers
John Brisker6-5210SG/SFPittsburgh Pipers, Pittsburgh Condors
“Super” John Williamson6-2190SGNewyork Nets
Byron Beck6-9235PF/CDenver Rockets, DenveCenterr Nuggets
Larry Jones6-3180SGDenver Rockets, The Floridians, Utah Stars, Dallas Chaparrals
Austin “Red” Robbins6-8200PFNew Orleans Buccaneers, Utah Stars, San Diego Conquistadors, Kentucky Colonels, Virginia Squires
Stew Johnson6-8220PFKentucky Colonels, New Jersey Americans, New York Nets, Houston Mavericks, Pittsburgh Condors, Carolina Cougars, San Diego Conquistadors, Memphis Sounds, Baltimore Claws, San Diego Sails, San Antonio Spurs
Joe Caldwell 6-5195SG/SFCarolina Cougars, Spirits of St. Louis
Wilbert Jones6-8205PFMiami Floridians, Memphis Pros, Memphis Tams, Kentucky Colonels
Levern Tart 6-3195SGOakland Oaks, New Jersey Americans, NewYork Nets,
Houston Mavericks, Denver Rockets, Texas Chaparrals
George Thompson 6-2200SGPittsburgh Pipers, Pittsburgh Condors, Memphis Tams
Cincy Powell 6-7225PFDallas Chaparrals,Kentucky Colonels, Utah Stars, Virginia Squires

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