Basketball Gods Scouting Notes: Joel Embiid (NBA)

Updated: March 2, 2021
Joel Embiid pic

Basketball Gods Scouting Notes Will Be Updated Multiple Times When Needed, To Provide Basketball Fans With Enlightening Descriptions Of An NBA Player’s Skill Strengths & Weaknesses, Also An In-depth And Thorough Full Scouting Report Using Basketball Gods Analytics, Will Be Created And Provided To Basketball Fans Throughout The Basketball Season

Updated: 3/2/2021

Strength & Weaknesses

  • Confidence and swagger
  • At times expresses a Muhammad Ali like arrogance about himself, which helps him play with a tremendous amount of confidence and faith in his abilities
  • Enjoys playing the game of basketball
  • Plays with passion and pride
  • Extremely competitive/hates to lose
  • Wants to become the best player he can be, to reach his full potential, and to give his team a great chance to win, and compete at the highest level
  • Arguably the best big man in the game today
  • Has a old school big man style of play mixed in with some perimeter flair
  • Would have fit perfectly in 90’s and early 2000s basketball when big man were more valuable and featured more
  • Front runner to win MVP
  • Finally starting to be consistently dominate in a era where he should be the best player because of the emphasis on small ball. Which gives him a tremendous advantage because of his size, strength, and skills
  • Extremely skilled low post player with excellent and underrated perimeter footwork/skills
  • Diligently works on improving his game and it shows in the great skill level he has developed
  • Should be a perfect fit in todays game, because he can be a dominate low post player and stretch the floor with his shooting ability
  • Agile and fluid athlete
  • Can be graceful or powerful when needed
  • Excellent shooting touch on the inside and perimeter
  • Falls in love with showcasing his perimeter skills, when he should place more emphasis on utilizing his great low post skills
  • His ability to be consistently dominate relies on him being a dominate low post player. This is where he has his greatest advantage against his opponents
  • He makes himself easier to defend and neutralize when he’s overly reliant on his perimeter skills
  • In this era, he has the best combination of size, length, strength, power, skill, and feel. Because of these attributes, if he dedicates himself. He has the potential to become a top 10 center of all-time
  • Questionable durability
  • Questionable physical resiliency
  • Is he injury prone?
  • Consistently being dominate is an issue
  • Can he sustain a high level of play?
  • Can he be consistently dominate when his best is absolutely needed? – (specifically in crunch time moments/playoffs)
  • When he’s engaged and motivated, he is an excellent defender with defensive player of the year potential
  • At times his instincts and motor turns him into a high level defender who can create a lot problems/havoc on defense
  • His elite two way ability/impact (offensive production and defensive impact) will be the reason why he potentially wins MVP this year and gives the 76ers a great chance to win an NBA title this year


Advanced Stats & Analytics

  • 76ers defense is 3.2 points per 100 possessions better with Embiid on the floor
  • Out of 331 players to play at least 200 minutes this season, Embiid ranks ninth in points saved by rim protection, a rough estimate of the number of points a player has prevented the offense from scoring by contesting shots at the rim
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