Bledsoe to the Clippers?

Updated: August 16, 2021

A puzzling piece of news that at first glance looked like an incomplete report where other assets had to have been involved yet it looks like it is what it is. The Los Angeles Clippers have decided to send Patrick Beverley, Rojan Rondo, and Daniel Oturu, for the great Eric Bledsoe. A player that was just attached to a pick to get off of by the Pelicans somehow is now being exchanged for as an upgrade for the Clippers. Confusion is the only emotion attached to this exchange for any of the new Clippers fans still standing.

Patrick Beverly, an elite on-ball defender shot just shy of 40% from 3 last year and at the very least imposes a certain will on the game which is obviously lacking in the Clips’ two quiet star wings. Rajon Rondo has been hot garbage throughout the last 3 regular seasons, however, he has proven to be a secret weapon in the playoffs and could arguably be more valuable in a 7-game series straight up to Eric Bledsoe. The acquisitions of the two veteran guards should prove to be a great addition to the growth of all the young talent in Memphis. If I were a Grizzlies fan I would be ecstatic with this trade.    

For the LA Clippers though…Eric Bledsoe has proven time and time again to be a magician in the postseason. The only problem with his repertoire of tricks is that the only one in his bag is his ability to disappear on both ends of the floor. His jumper in the playoffs has been consistently shy or broken, and he is an adequate defender at best when it matters most. The Phoenix Suns basically gave him away after the nail salon “I want out of here” fiasco, and the Bucks’ biggest mistake outside of botching the Bogdanović trade was the extension they gave mid-season to Bledsoe two years back. I feel the exact same way the day I read that the Pelicans traded for Eric, shock, and disgust. 

For a team in the Clippers who already have serious chemistry issues, getting rid of their Draymond by sending Pat Bev away from empty regular season stats may have been one of the worst offseason transactions this month. I loved the Memphis and New Orleans trade only for the fact that Memphis had to take on Eric Bledsoe’s contract, but was relieved when it was reported he would likely never suit up for the Grizzlies and would be traded shortly. 

This is a huge red flag moving forward for the Clippers and if I were a franchise being offered those Clips unprotected PG-13 picks from OKC, I would be snatching them up as quickly as possible. It appears that the Clippers franchise is dedicated to their legacy. It is a small and slightly insignificant exchange of veteran backcourt talent, yet it also is a microcosm of the LA Clippers. In a nutshell, they have been bred to lose, and will never hold a title. 

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