Draymond Throws Bobby Under the Bus

Updated: August 19, 2021

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green shared the mic the way they shared the ball in their 3 years in Oakland…as a staged performance with the chips stacked in their favor. The interview designed by Draymond began about general KD topics but was essentially a platform to speak about the infamous event of him calling KD out after their loss in Los Angeles against the Clippers which was rumored to be the reason for Durant leaving for Brooklyn. Two seasons removed from the 2019 loss in Toronto and a recent gold medal win in Tokyo for Durant and Dray, it looked as if they were in good spirits with one another. Although the interview was presented as if it was the first time these questions were asked, considering their contents and the high heated nature of the two participants, it is doubtful that it was not previously scripted for its performance.

The question which was featured prior to the interview as the main event to the show was asked if the argument on the sidelines of LA was the reason for Durant’s departure. It is an interesting question two years later, especially since it has already been heavily reported that Irving and Durant had already had their discussions about pairing up in New York after the 2019 season. However, the question I believe implied, “was that the nail in the coffin which made you want to leave?” Considering the contents of the nationally broadcasted screaming match it was clearly a conversation two people never come back from the same, however, Durant responded with, “It wasn’t the argument…it was the way everybody, Steve Kerr, acted like it didn’t happen. Bob Myers (Warriors’ General Manager) then tried to just discipline you and think that that would put the mask over everything.”

The front office demanded an apology from Draymond and ultimately decided to suspend Green for one game without pay after the incident. The new information that Draymond revealed, was that when he was suspended, he told Bob Myers and Steve Kerr, “ya’ll gonna fuck this up.” Both Dray and KD put the blame of the situation on Bob Myers and Steve Kerr as if it wasn’t a problem that already existed prior to the event at Staples Center.

In sports, there are frequent arguments between teammates, especially in a late-game loss. They happen so regularly, it’s hard to imagine one fight could be the trigger for breaking up the best team of an era.  The reason why Draymond Green calling Durant “a little bitch” multiple times on tape for the world to see was so hurtful and meaningful, is that 1: he meant it, and 2: Durant saw that most of the bench agreed. Durant made it clear in the interview that he felt the hate he gets on Twitter was not because of his content or tendency to “clap back at fans,” but because of his decision to migrate from OKC to Golden State. And he’s right.

Stephen A. Smith famously deemed this free agency decision as the “weakest move in NBA history by a superstar.” The most problematic thing, besides the fact that Durant, a recent MVP joined a 73-win team with the best guard in basketball and the team that just knocked him and his team out of the playoffs…the main problem was it ruined the league. Due to a cap spike situation, the Warriors were able to inorganically create a team whose only rival in history was the Jordan Bulls. The NBA was robbed of so many series where Curry would need to be historic to get past OKC or take on Lebron. It was robbed of a Russ + KD vs Lebron rematch. Instead, we got a Warriors team who looked like the title was a foregone conclusion.

The price from the basketball gods was clear, Durant’s Achilles, Klay’s ACL, and no three-beat for the 4-headed monster. Now has the smoke has cleared and everyone is almost back to health, Dray, and KD attempt to rewrite history of a season which was plagued by the imminent departure of Durant to New York to match up with best friend Kyrie Irving. Draymond even said in the interview, that KD wanted to leave but stayed for the 3-peat. KD did not confirm this fact but also didn’t deny it.

For Durant, the conversation is just a formality and a public olive leaf given to an ex-coworker. For Draymond, publicly bashing not only the front office but his current head coach Steve Kerr is beyond problematic. It is possible that the trade rumors that surrounded his name in the offseason have stung his ego in a way that he feels the need to make small justifications for the last two years of the Warriors’ failures are not on his shoulders alone. All that said, it makes an already questionable situation in Golden State and the return of Klay Thompson more puzzling. Will the Warriors return as a true title contender…or is the reuniting of the homegrown 3 Dubs just like this interview…nothing but smoke?

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