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Updated: January 15, 2019
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Position:  Shooting Guard
Height:  6’7”
Weight:  220 lbs
Class:  Sophomore
High School:  Oak Hill Academy
Team:  Florida State

2016-2017 Statistics

2016-17 35 28.8 6.3 14.0 .452 4.7 9.1 .516 1.6 4.9 .333 3.0 3.9 .754 4.2 1.7 1.0 0.1 2.0 1.6 17.2


Awards & Accolades

  • 2017 All ACC Second Team
  • 2016 All-ACC Freshman Team
  • 2015 McDonald’s High School All-American

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  1. Talent Evaluation Analysis Formula – Dwayne Bacon

Advanced Stats

  • PER (20.8)
  • True Shooting Percentage (54.4 percent)
  • Win Shares (3.8)
  • Box Plus/Minus (4.3)
  • Turnover Percentage ( 11.4 percent)
  • Usage Percentage (29.4 percent)


Key Strengths & Weaknesses

Key Strengths
Very Good Size/Frame For Position
Confidence & Swagger
Scoring Instincts
Scoring Ability
Elite Body Control
Powerful First Step Quickness
Slashing Ability
Powerful Driver
All Around Scoring Ability
Skilled And Talented Shot Maker And Shot Creator
Ability To Make Difficult Shots Against Tough Defense
Fade-away Jumper Is A Legit Go-To Move He Utilizes To Dynamically Create Offense For Himself
Improved Shooting Skill
Improved Shooting Touch
Midrange Game
Good Feel For How To Create Offense For Himself Within Pick & Roll Situations
Skilled, Creative, And Acrobatic Finisher Around The Rim
Ability To Finish Through Contact
Ability To Maneuver Through Traffic
Ability To Create Offense For Himself In Traffic
Transition Scoring
Underrated Transition Playmaking
Defensive Potential
Clutch Performer
Ability To Offensively Takeover Games In Crutch Time
Work Ethic
Strong Desire To Improve, Get Better, And Reach Full Potential

Key Weaknesses
Defensive Skills
Defensive Fundamentals
Defensive Awareness
Decision Making/Basketball I.Q.
Selfish Play
Average Passer
Not A Playmaker In Half Court Offense
Below Average Ability To Create Offense For Teammates
Ability To Be Impactful When Not Scoring
Right Hand Dominate Finisher Around Rim/Rarely Uses Left Hand To Finish Shots Around The Rim
Rarely Uses Counter Moves Off The Dribble When Needed
Doesn't Have A Variety Of Counter Moves He Can Use Off The Dribble When Needed
Overly Dependent On Spin Move
Movement Off The Ball
Shot Selection
Overly Reliant On Three Point Shooting


Scouting Report

NBA Comparisons


*Has very good size, strength, length, frame and physical profile for the shooting guard position (Listed at 6’7″, 221 pounds, with a 6’10” Wingspan, and a 8’7.5” Standing Reach). Physical profile will allow him to play as a shooting guard, small forward, and as a stretch 4 in small ball situations at the NBA Level.

*Talented and underrated athlete who possesses a very good combination of strength, speed, quickness, body control, agility, and explosive leaping ability in space. Elite body control and jumping ability allows him at times to showcase his spectacular hang time and ability to dunk on defenders who try to challenge him at the rim.

*Efficient ball-handler, who protects the ball very well with his body, hips, and shoulders. Likes to create offense for himself off the dribble using 3 dribbles or less. Is a powerful driver off the dribble because of his ability to use a combination of strength and quickness to create space, initiate contact to physically move defenders, and force them to play out of position. Uses simple dribble moves to get his defender to play off balance ( example: basic crossover, behind the back dribble, hesitation dribble, spin move, in & out dribble with step fake, in & out crossover, etc ), but is a skilled slasher because of his ability to change speeds, change gears, and choose needed angles that helps him penetrate to the basket. Is a north and south driver, straight line driver, will aggressively attack angles, turns the corner very well because of his ability to use tight driving angles, stays low on his drives by keeping his shoulders around his defender’s waist and lower chest area, and explodes to the position he wants. Likes to use the spin move as a counter move to win better positioning against skilled defenders.

*Supreme confidence and swagger combined with his scoring instincts and skilled scoring abilities. Allows him to be an explosive scorer who can be relied on to be a big-time scoring threat. Talented shot maker and shot creator who can consistently make difficult shots against tough defense and create something out of nothing when needed. Likes to work out of the triple threat position where he uses good footwork and a array of moves to create offense for himself. His midrange game is a big strength in his offensive arsenal because of his ability to efficiently make pull-ups jumpers off the dribble. And his fade-away jumper has become a go-to move he can rely on to score against skilled defenders. He’s a solid scorer within pick & roll situations and does a good job of using the pick & roll to create an advantage against the defense. Has improved his shooting touch and shooting skill, to the point in which his shooting efficiency ratings have improved. Now he has become a reliable shooting threat from the midrange and three point line. He’s a NBA ready scorer who possesses all-around scoring ability, that allows him to be a dynamic scorer from a variety of areas on the court ( example: attacking the basket, finishing lay-ups at the rim, isolation scoring with one-on-one moves, midrange pull-up jumper, 3 point shooting, spot up shooting, shooting off screens and pin-downs, post-up scoring, and transition scoring ).

*Skilled, creative, and acrobatic finisher around the rim because of his combination of athleticism, touch, and body control. And because he does a great job of shooting lay-ups from needed angles and multiple release points that create accurate shot making around the rim. He also has an elite ability to finish lay-ups through contact because of his strength, body control, ball protection placement, and ability to maintain maximum focus, concentration, and eye contact on the rim.

*Has a good feel for how to maneuver through traffic and create offense for himself in traffic. Uses savvy, craftiness, and good judgment to efficiently attack openings, creases, and gaps in the defense. Which is a strong sign of talented scorers desire to score points by any means necessary. Likes to use side steps, euro steps, hop steps, and a efficient dribble drive attack to openings in the defense. In order to effectively maneuver through traffic and create offense for himself in traffic.

*Very good scorer and solid playmaker in transition. Possesses great speed in the open floor and will effectively run the floor and fill the lanes to receive passes for dunks, alleys-oops, and layups. Or can lead the break as the ball handler and use his solid court vision in fastbreak situations to create offense for his teammates.

*Wants to be a valuable, impactful, and high quality defender. Possesses the physical tools needed to guard multiple positions. Instead of entering the NBA Draft after his freshman season, he returned back to school his sophomore season to improve in needed areas which included his defensive acumen. He made improvements defensively in terms of his ability to not be a liability on defense. But he can still become a more skilled, impactful and efficient defender.

*Was a clutch performer for Florida state this season. Made game winning shots, took over games in crunch time, and became a high-level performer that his team could consistently rely on to perform at a high level in crunch time.

*Dedicated to becoming the best player he can be and understands that hard work and needed skill development is the key to his success. Which is why he returned back to school to complete his sophomore season, worked on becoming a better player, and has shown improvements in his shooting skills, defensive skills, efficiency ratings, and decision making.


*Was inconsistent in terms of his usage of great defensive effort and use of quality defensive footwork. Physically he possesses the physical tools needed to guard any player on the perimeter. But his use of proper defensive footwork and defensive fundamentals can at times be below average. For example, sometimes he moves on his heels instead of on the balls of feet, he doesn’t get low enough in his defensive stance, and he doesn’t consistently keep his hands up in a ready position to contest shooters. At times he makes the mistake of being a ball watcher on defense, which causes him to lose track of where his man is. He doesn’t always use great effort on defensive closeouts, in which he will do a poor job of contesting jump shots or he will easily give up straight-line drives to the rim. Will gamble for steals in ways that give the offense an advantage against team defense, because he will take himself out of the proper position needed to be a valuable team defender. He doesn’t consistently fight through screens and at times he will take rest breaks on the defensive end. When guarding a skilled ball-handler, he makes the mistake of moving his body where and when the ball moves. Instead of focusing on the offensive player’s waist area and moving where and when the waist area moves. Which makes him susceptible to being easily forced out position by crossover dribble moves.

*During his sophomore season, he developed into a solid decision maker that protects the ball very well and doesn’t turn the ball over at a high rate. But he is still prone to making poor decisions because of his selfish play. Because of his strong desire to score he will force up low percentage shots and force up highly contested shots against multiple defenders. Instead of making the simple play of passing the ball to the open man or teammate that is in a better position to score.

*Has solid court vision and intriguing passing skills, but has average passing instincts in terms of consistently knowing when and where to pass the ball in-order to create an advantage against the defense, and he is not a playmaker within half-court offensive sets. Strictly looks to score and create offense for himself. And has not developed the instincts, unselfishness, and savvy that helps him utilize his skills in ways that make his teammates better. At this point of his career, he’s a one dimensional player who hasn’t proven that he can be very impactful when he’s not scoring points.

*Is a right-hand dominant shooter around the rim who rarely uses his left hand to finish shots around the rim. Which causes smart defenders to force him to shoot tough and difficult layups/shots at the rim because of his lack of ability to use his right and left hands equally well.

*Doesn’t possess a great arsenal of advanced counter moves off the dribble that he can use to create offense against skilled defenders. He’s overly dependent on the spin move off the dribble as a counter move. But his use of the spin move is predictable. And at times he makes the mistake of using the spin move in ways that put him in awkward positions and creates off balance movements.

*Possesses an average feel for how to move off the ball and maximize floor spacing with his off the ball movement. Doesn’t effectively run defenders off screens and doesn’t do a great job of using off the ball movement to create easy scoring opportunities for himself.

*Wanted to prove during his sophomore season that he was an improved 3 point shooter. And he had success and made improvements in his 3 point shooting skill, touch, and percentage. But at times he became enamored with proving that he could shoot from the 3 point line. Which lead to an over-dependence on shooting 3 pointers, created streaky three point shooting, and caused inefficient scoring nights. Because he would neglect the usage of his greatest scoring skills. Which is his midrange game, the ability to drive to the basket, and finish layups at the rim.


Dwayne Bacon is a underrated prospect in terms of his potential to develop into a high quality NBA player. He has the size, physical tools, athleticism, and scoring ability that will allow him to have an immediate impact in the NBA in his rookie year. He also has the athleticism and offensive skill set that compares favorably to some of the best early 2000 NBA shooting guards and small forwards ( For example: Latrell Sprewell, Corey Magette, Stephen Jackson, Joe Johnson, Ricky Davis, Ron Mercer, Walt Williams, etc ). And he possesses more talent, dynamic ability, and offensive skills than Jonathan Simmons, who is a similar player that has proven that he can be a valuable contributor to the San Antonio Spurs. If Dwayne Bacon can continue to improve and turn his weaknesses into strengths. Then he will give himself the opportunity to become a high level starting shooting guard in the NBA or a talented scorer off the bench in a 6th man role.


Improvements Needed For Dwayne Bacon To Perform At A Higher Level

*Defensive skills, defensive footwork, and defensive awareness needs tremendous improvement. Has to become better at using the correct defensive stance and posture that creates skilled and efficient defensive movement. Which for him means he needs to work on keeping his defensive stance low and making sure he moves on the balls of his feet. And he must focus on keeping his hands in proper position that allows him to contest shooters or pressure ball handlers while maintaining the utilization of proper defensive balance, defensive footwork, and advantageous defensive positioning.

*To maintain proper defense awareness when defending away from the ball. He must do a better job of using peripheral vision to see where the ball and his man is at all times. While also maintaining proper defensive positioning when defending away from the ball.

*Defensive closeout effort, skill, technique, and proper positioning must improve.

*Has to focus on becoming an honest, disciplined, and smarter defender by not gambling for steals when he is not in a position to steal the ball away from his opponent in ways that create an advantage for his team. Which will allow him to maintain the proper defensive positioning that maximizes his team’s defensive effectiveness. He should possibly only look to steal the ball from his opponent when his opponent is making poor decisions that will lead to the ball being stolen away and when he knows his team is in a proper position needed to provide great team defensive help.

*Has to become better at fighting through screens and/or be willing and ready to switch off the screen to maintain proper team defensive positioning. Good player movement combined with good screening is hard for many teams and players to defend against. But to become an efficient defender he must develop the great effort, skill, savvy, and awareness needed to effectively defend players who run off screens.

*When defending skilled ball-handlers he must become a waist watcher that will move where and when the waist of the ball handler moves. Watching the midsection is the best way to determine which direction the ball-handler is moving. Because the defender will see the waist go where the ball-handler really intends to go. And because minimal waist movement in any direction occurs when the ball-handler is performing crossover dribble moves and fake movements in any direction. Utilizing the waist watching tactic will prevent the defender from easily being faked out of position by crossover dribble moves, ball fakes, head fakes, and foot fakes.

*Has to improve decision making skills, passing skills, and playmaking skills in ways that allows him to make the needed play that gives him and his teammates an advantage against the defense. And in ways that allows him to generate points for his team through utilizing the offensive skill set of the players around him. Which will make the players around him better and allow him to still be an impactful and valuable contributor when he’s not scoring points.

*He’s already a talented and dynamic finisher around the rim. But to develop into an elite finisher around the rim. He must become an ambidextrous shot creator and shot maker around the rim. With the goal of being able to use his left and right hand equally well when he’s trying to make lay-ups around the rim, while being defended by skill defenders and skilled shot blockers.

*To develop into an elite scorer at the NBA Level, he must develop an advanced arsenal of counter moves that he can use when needed to create offense for himself against skilled and athletic NBA level defenders. Great scorers do a great job of winning the battle for space, balance, angles, and positioning for the purpose of giving themselves an advantage against their defender. And having a variety of advanced counter moves that he can use when needed, will only help him develop into an elite and dynamic scorer at the NBA level.

*To create easier scoring opportunities for himself, he must become more skilled at moving off the ball in ways that allows him to efficiently run off screens and pindowns to create catch and shoot situations and catch and drive situations. That ultimately create an offensive advantage against the defense. His off the ball movement must also improve to maximize his team’s offensive effectiveness through their efficient use of player movement, spacing, and ball movement.

*He must continue to develop into a efficient three point shooter through the use of skill enhancement and good shot selection. Without being overly dependent on the 3 pointer and while also making sure he doesn’t neglect the usage of his greatest scoring skills. Which is his midrange game, the ability to drive to the basket, and finish layups at the rim. To consistently score at a high level in the NBA, he must rely on the offensive skills that he’s capable of performing at a high level, while also be willing and ready to develop his least effective offensive skills into improved skills that he can rely on when needed.


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