EPISODE 111: Mailbag Episode!

Updated: September 3, 2021
Episode 27

In this episode Alchemy does a mailbag covering: Whats the most excited you have been for an upcoming season? (3:15), My pick up game? (5:40), modern roster construction (8:10), Warriors trying to thread the needle (10:20), Does the Bay Area attract FAs? (11:40), Why do I hate Draymond so much? (14:15), Steph vs Kyrie (16:10), Warriors final roster spot (19:11), Can Luka become the GOAT? (20:40), Are the Bulls for real? (21:30), Kuminga vs Wiseman (22:30), Porter & Bjelica (23:55), How much is too much for Ben Simmons? (25:53), Danda

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