Is Seth Curry Philly’s Closer?

Updated: November 4, 2021

Down the stretch of Philly’s victory over the red-hot Chicago Bulls, the 76ers didn’t lean on their MVP 7-footer to take them home. Instead, it was the off-brand Curry, Seth the sniper who continues to prove that he is more than simply an off-ball shooter. He called his own number in multiple possessions in crunch time creating his own shot for tough two-point jumpers to ice the game. Undersized but fearless, it appears he is built for 4 quarters and big moments in exactly the opposite way their max level point-forward Ben Simmons has proven he isn’t. With the development of Tyrese Maxey and the jumper of Matese Thybull looking like it’s starting coming around, is it possible that the 76ers already have their backcourt rotation solidified? Georges Niang has also looked like a pivotal piece of their offense next to Tobias Harris and the question that might need to be asked is, should Morey rethink what he is looking for in a Ben Simmons trade?

What Philly has been missing outside of the year they had Jimmy Butler is a closer. Simmons and Embiid have not had the ideal tools to take them home in 4 quarters of playoff games as those minutes usually are dictated by tier 1 guards and iso wings. But if Seth Curry could be that guy in those minutes, maybe the 76ers front office should stop fawning over unrealistic All-NBA point guards and expand the possibilities of what they can acquire for Ben Simmons. Despite not having one of their max players the 76ers look quite deep sporting a 6 and 2 record to start the season. With Curry continuing to grow and Thybulle’s defense so impactful it looks like he needs to be on the floor late games. With Tobias and Embiid there isn’t much room left to upgrade and add to their closing lineup.

Searching the trade machine, it is difficult to find a perfect fit as of yet, but as the season progress and illusions of certain franchises’ success are replaced by tanking aspirations, there will manifest interesting packages for Ben Simmons. Especially since Philly has some draft capital to send that they could add to a Ben trade, they may be able to grab some 2-way players that add to their already impressive depth. They already have a 10-man rotation and 8 which are good enough to be taken into a 7 game series. Up to this point, the Morey front office has had a fixation on Lillard and Beal out in Portland and Washington DC. Beal and the Wizards look like they have their hearts set on the playoffs and it is extremely unlikely from everything that he has said he would ask for a trade out of Washington. Dame Lillard may be another story though considering how poorly he has been shooting and their slow 3 and 5 start out in the West. Dame has said all the right things up to this point, but we have seen plenty of stars pledge their allegiance to a franchise only to leave the city in shambles months later.

Because of this possibility, it is likely that Morey and the Philly front office will wait till the last possible moment to deal Simmons in hope of a shot in the dark to add Dame Dollar Sign. However, if (and most likely when) the day comes that there are no All-Star guards on the trade market, they may already have their closing scorers in Seth Curry and Tobias Harris. If Embiid can simply commit to getting himself inside and stop settling for tough jump shots outside the post, they may already have a team that can contend in an Eastern Conference that as of now looks completely up in the air. Usually, trading 4 quarters for a dollar is a sign of defeat when selling an All-Star, especially one like Simmons who is still so young and has such a tremendous ceiling. However, there is no proof up to this point that when it really matters that he is in fact the dollar bill being traded. If a team is willing to send over a handful of their tier 2 talent it might end up being more productive in the second half of games than Simmons is capable of being for Philly come playoff time.

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