Master Basketball’s Ultimate Performance Ability Called Being “In The Zone”

Which Relies On

1. Maximum confidence, maximum faith, maximum focus, maximum concentration, and the ability to play without fear, doubt, or any mental limitations.

2. Maximum feel in terms of having a great understanding of how to play the game through the utilization and understanding of offensive & defensive tactics. The more you understand the game, the more the game slows down, becomes easier, and at times effortless.

3. Maximum skill usage and effectiveness in terms of having a great understanding of the purpose of the skill being used and how that skill affects your opponents in ways that give you an advantage against your opponent.

4. Flow Like Water – the ability to utilize your skills, understanding, awareness, instincts, and creativity in ways that help you adapt, maneuver, or move freely, while not allowing yourself to be limited or inhibited by external forces.

  • Examples of basketball players who style of play flows like water: Allen Iverson, Kyrie Irving, Kenny Anderson, Steve Nash, Steff Curry, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Pistol Pete, Akeem Olajuwon, etc

5. Anticipate with the goal to manipulate your opponent and control how you dynamically and efficiently utilize your skills by thinking 3 to 5 moves ahead and predicting what is going to happen next in ways that allows you to make plays before the defensive or offensive player can adjust.

6. Utilize diligent and dedicated effort with the goal of challenging yourself to become a master of your craft. This aspect is important because it builds confidence, faith, willpower, and fearlessness through maximum preparation that comes through utilizing great study habits, great practice habits, and great work ethic.


“In The Zone” Training Coming Soon

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