Nerlens Noel Goes to War with Klutch Sports

Updated: August 25, 2021
rich paul AD

In a recent report, Nerlens Noel has decided to sue his representation Rich Paul and the infamous Klutch Sports agency. The basis of the lawsuit is that Noel claims there were a series of poor advisement decisions that resulted in him losing 58 million dollars in future earnings, specifically a decision to reject a 4-year 70 million dollar deal he declined, taking a qualifying offer in hopes to maximize his earnings as an unrestricted free agent. Noel recently signed a 3-year-27 million dollar deal with the Knicks.

The details of these events are somewhat unimportant, presumably because, in a court of law, most of which Nerlens Noel brings to the table is speculation at best. However, ideologically, and financially for Klutch Sports moving forward, the idea that Noel has claimed that Klutch neglects their non-All-Star talent could have some very serious negative symptoms for the newly formed agency. With the recent momentum of players signing with Klutch, it looked as if they may begin to dominate the market with their reputation of getting their players paid consistently above market value. But depending on what details and interviews occur as a ripple effect from this lawsuit and Noel’s claims, it will be interesting to see how the younger generation reacts to this situation.

As most people are already aware, Rich Paul and Klutch Sports are essentially an offshore bank account for King James incorporated. And although on the record, Lebron has nothing to do with this up-and-coming sports agency, no one around the league is buying these claims. The primary success around Klutch Sports has been dependent on Lebron’s clout amongst his friends by signing several All-Star level players and the reputation that Rich Paul is somehow a Luke Skywalker who brings balance to the force between billionaire owners and the players they employ.

With this situation though in combination with the Anthony Davis scandal that forced his exit out of New Orleans and into a Lakers uniform, it is hard to gauge how this agency will operate and flourish once Lebron is removed from the spotlight of the current NBA fraternity. Another interesting variable is the recent reports that Joel Embiid represented himself during negations concerning his now signed super-max extension. Considering most people who follow basketball now also follow the front office aspects just as closely, it is not hard to imagine that players and their closely-knit camp could easily handle their own contract and salary negotiations in-house without handing out percentages to a 3rd party. One would assume most players wouldn’t want to do it themselves however, why not simply employ a smart and assertive friend or family member and keep the money in-house?

Both of these variables being introduced to the Paul-James empire of conquering the league should be cause for some concern. There is a certain level of arrogance from the Klutch camp and the players part of this fraternity which appears to be non-transferable to many of the up-and-coming all-stars under 25. It also seems to introduce a variable on a team that no other agency does, in that if you have a Klutch player, he is somehow independent in a way than the rest of the roster due to the reputation of his representation. If I were forced to put money on a prediction, as long as Lebron is a tier 1 star in this league and the face of a franchise contending for a title, the upswing of Rich Paul and Klutch Sports will continue. However, the minute he becomes human and Father Time finally takes his legs, I would assume it will also take the wind out from the sails of this fictitious agency that is clearly dependent on the clout of the King James Empire.

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