Simmons Saga Continues Pt. 2 | Warriors Provisions

Updated: September 1, 2021
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Recent reports have added to our previous article on the trade rumors surrounding Ben Simmons that may have answered our questions about the competence of Morey and the 76ers front office. Apparently, as of yesterday, two separate reports indicated that the Sacramento Kings and Golden Warriors are both out of the Simmons sweepstake due to the stubborn asking price coming from Philadelphia. With Sac, the Kings have made it known from the start that their young newly maxed out point guard De-Aaron Fox is off the table, and yet Philly continues to demand his involvement in the exchange. There were previous rumors about Haliburton being the centerpiece of a trade, however, it appears that he is no longer available in the eyes of the Kings.

The Warriors report had some new wording in its cryptic explanation which differed from the reports that have been coming out bi-weekly on the topic. Instead of simply saying that “the front-office is internally divided” on how Simmons and Draymond Green may fit due to their poor shooting and the lack of spacing it creates. There was a new phrasing that stated, “The Golden State Warriors are not believed to be interested in trading for Ben Simmons for as long as Draymond Green is also on the roster” (RealGM). If I may translate these very specifically chosen words that have never been reported out of the Warriors camp until today, is that: 

The Warriors internal divide on the pairing of two non-shooters in the frontcourt has come to a conclusion. They are not willing to part with their assets in order to gamble on the tandem of Draymond and Simmons, especially since it would require sending away their only solid wing, Andrew Wiggins in the process. Instead, in light of the newly applied pressure created by Ben Simmons reportedly refusing to join training camp in Philly, the Warriors not only decline the heavy asking price of the 76ers but have new provisions in the potential exchange. The first is if Philadelphia would like Wiggins, it will be straight up, or with a single additional protected first (a deal the Warriors are aware will never be taken by Morey). The 2nd option is a multi-team trade where Draymond is the primary contract attached to assets in exchange for Simmons. Likely, Draymond would be sent to the 3rd team along with draft capital and/or 1-2 of the young players from the Warriors, and the 3rd team would provide the player sent to the 76ers.

My apologies to the Golden State front office if my translation is inaccurate or misplaced, but the timing is clear as day that the Draymond Green interview with Kevin Durant had some effect on already preexisting feelings about his tenure as a Warrior. It is impossible that if the public reports are “The front office is internally divided” about Dray and Simmons, that the real discussion in the front office is actually, “should we replace 31-year-old Draymond Green with 25-year-old Ben Simmons?” They would be crazy not to have this discussion. Yes, Ben’s shot is not only broken but he is unwilling to use it, Draymond is possibly the worst scoring starter making north of 25 million in the entire league. And even without a shot outside of 5 feet, Ben Simmons might develop into the most devasting weapon in transition in the NBA. He also is a cleaner and more responsible passer than Draymond who often is reckless with his need for home run assists. Defensively they are very different, yet value and impact wise one could give the notch to Draymond I suppose, however, it is entirely improbable that that would be a debatable point 1-2 years from now when Draymond will be 33 and 34, and Simmons will be in the center of his prime.

The only real question is the intangibles. To be direct, Draymond is a leader and a winner, and at this moment, Simmons is a player refusing to join training camp and passed up a wide-open dunk to end his team’s playoff push. But the new wording looks like they have quietly talked to Morey that the new deal, must include Draymond, not Wiggins if it is to have substantial assets attached. Regardless of the fear of losing the leadership Draymond has provided throughout the dynasty, the front office has finally come to the consensus that the talent disparity between Dray and Ben is simply too large and if they were able to upgrade at the 4, this is the light-years move, not sending away Wiggins. 


Very quickly these ramifications have manifested due to the pressure that Klutch sports have applied on the 76ers. Deals that looked improbable like a Ben/CJ exchange to Portland are talks that are probably currently being discussed. A recent rumor is that Simmons wants to be moved to the Lakers, the franchise and fanbase that loves to fantasize about getting every star available despite the fact they have zero trade chips to pay for the talent. Regardless, it seems clear already that Morey misplayed his hand, and whatever he should’ve got for Simmons, that package disappeared at the time of the draft when he was wasting precious and pivotal days sending fake trade offers across the league. The tandem of Doc Rivers and Daryl Morey may prove to be an even worse decision for Philly than taking Fultz #1 in the draft. Have there ever been two faces in the league which carry such an overwhelming level of hype and yet so frequently fail to produce success?

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