This Is What Fans Wanted, Bucks Vs Nets Is Developing Into A Great Battle Between Two Great Teams

Updated: June 14, 2021
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After the odd outing in Milwaukee, a zombie of a series is possibly being revived, Giannis and the Bucks had another must-win game at home. Prior to the loss, the vast majority of the NBA community already had Brooklyn penciled in as the Eastern representative for the Finals. If Antetokounmpo would be unable to return to New York tied and down 3-1, with the daunting task of beating KD and Kyrie 3 consecutive times, the previous narrative would be reinstated. Would the Greek Freak continue to stubbornly fire up heavy bricks from behind the arc, or had Bud and the Bucks finally got a handle on their superstar power foward? We would find out here in game 4.

With a quick 7-point lead, Budenholzer was forced to call an early timeout at the 8-minute mark. Brooklyn’s energy indicated they had intended to squeeze the last droplets of hope from Milwaukee early, but the Bucks immediately responded and tied up the score 9-9. Giannis had hit his first wide-open 3. The crowd wondered if it would be fool’s gold and lead him into taking 6 more of them throughout the game. The physicality that P.J Tucker had applied on KD from game 3 continued. Brooklyn going with shooters in Shamet and Harris next to their stars, their intention seemed to be to knock out the Bucks early with bombs from beyond the arc. But for the 1st quarter, the Bucks answered back, matching shot for shot from distance with a 3-point game going into the 2nd.

The 2nd quarter unfortunately for Milwaukee did not continue that way. Bud again was forced into an early quarter timeout with Brooklyn blowing out to an 11 point lead. But the Bucks would not go away quietly, as it appeared this game would be defined by dramatic swings. Right out of the timeout, Milwaukee cut the lead back down to 1 in less than 3 minutes. The energy in the building erupted shortly after, as a poster-jam by Antetokounmpo took the Bucks to their first lead of this must-win game. For the first time in over a year, it appeared home-court advantage had become a serious variable in the equation competition.

All the momentum and noise were put on hold though, as Kyrie Irving came down hard on Giannis’ leg. After a timeout, Irving was able to walk to the locker room on his own accord, despite completely turning the ankle. The ESPN telecast of Van Gundy and Marc Jackson continued to comment on the physicality allowed by the officials. The Durant-led Nets appeared to be awoken by the Irving injury and cut the lead to 1 with 4 to play in the half. But the Bucks charged by the crowd continued to push. It finally felt like the series we were promised but it was missing 2 of 3 superstars for Brooklyn.

P.J Tucker started to prove why he was coveted by so many teams before the trade deadline, as his shot-making, defense, and intensity on the floor, looked to be the x-factor for them in this series. As Tucker was called for foul on a block at the apex of Durant’s shot which he felt was clean. He was seen screaming the famous KG line “Ball Don’t Lie,” as Durant missed his first free throw. 53-48 in Milwaukee’s favor going into the half, and it looked like we have a series.

Starting the 3rd, it was reported by Rachel Nichols, Irving would not return for the evening, without a timeline for his return given. Would Durant have the will to bury the Bucks? If he could, he would most likely solidify his place as the current king at the NBA pyramid. The first 4 minutes of the 3rd indicated otherwise, as Milwaukee extended their lead to 12. After what felt like an absolute domination by the Bucks through the rest of the 3rd, Durant was able to cut the 16-point lead back to a dozen to enter the 4th.

But with the Irving Injury, Brooklyn’s excessive turnovers, and the Buck’s best offensive production, the Nets waved the white flag early in a 4th quarter blowout. As good as KD has played, we’ve seen what he looks like without a top tier point-guard when Curry would routinely miss stints of games with ankle injuries. On his own, he has a tendency to make teams look good, not great. Without 1 of their two point-guards in Harden or Irving, the betting odds are sure to be wild in Vegas on this one.

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