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Updated: June 16, 2021
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With the perceived value of a 4th or 5th pick in this draft, it may have the ability to sway a franchise towards a more immediate rebuild than they had planned, especially if attached to high ceiling 7-foot 1 dynamic big in James Wisemen. For many front offices, reproducing playoff-caliber teams is enough to retain one’s job as a GM or president of operations. For this reason, win-now title moves are risky as often are avoided by small markets. However, when a team is offered something substantial, ownership inevitably hears about it. The exploration of trades in these articles is not concerned with predictions or the likelihood of these exchanges to occur, as most trades obviously won’t come to fruition. Instead, the goal is to explore intriguing options for both franchises which may have not been considered which will lead them to either contention in the following years or a rebuild which will increase the probability of becoming a title team in the future.

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The Raptor’s unique season would’ve been a grave disappointment if there had been any real expectations for title contention. However, since Kawhi’s departure, the grit of the North has been lacking. Home games forced down south to Tampa and a 12th seed in the East, one thing that seems to be solidified in the eyes of the league, is these last two seasons have shown Pascal Siakam is no primary option on a contender like many had hoped. It has been argued by some, that he may not even be the second option on a true title contender as the jumper has dried out and the 100 plus million owed to him over the next 3 years is yet another example of a souring contract symptomatic to the home-grown super max extensions implemented by owners in the previous CBA. With Kyle Lowry’s free agency looming at a ripe 35 years young, and one of the few teams still stocked with all their own draft picks moving forward, there are undoubtedly discussions of a rebuild in Toronto. 

           The first option provided is a soft-rebuild, pairing Draymond Green with the robust backcourt of Lowry and VanVleet. Next to OG Anunoby and a 3-point shooting big in Baynes. Green as a defensive commander may prove to be enough to create an elite defensive squad while Toronto gets the magic Minnesota pick and the potential of a future star. With Draymond and Baynes, Wisemen should be able to be brought along slowly, developing a future young core after the departure of Lowry.

           However, with the elite teams which have been assembled in the East, this sounds more like a route towards the center than the proper moves necessary for future success. 

           The second option would be to move Draymond to Portland or another contender who believes to be one piece away for additional assets. It would also create the space to fast-track Wisemen and the future picks development. Lowry, VanVleet, and OG are perfect pieces to shape the high-ceiling stones into gems. One would presume Toronto may be hesitant in adding Boucher in the trade, however, the value of the pick + Wisemen is simply too much for Siakam’s current value. Both routes appear to be viable options for Toronto’s future. 

{With the recent news of Siakam’s decision for shoulder surgery which will sideline him from action for 5 months, it is questionable for both sides how this affects his value in the exchange. The injury originally was reported May 8th with a torn labrum on his left shoulder, a month prior to this announcement of surgery. With this news, Toronto may need to include their own late lottery pick or a pair of 2nd rounders}.



For those who still bring offerings and prayers to the temple of the ex-defensive-player-of-year, this presumably would be seen as far too much value for a pair of B- and B+ forwards. Especially since in a playoff series, one may pick Draymond over Siakam straight up from what we’ve seen this year from the Raptor’s All-NBA power-forward. However, the youth and potential of Spicy P as the 3rd or 4th scoring option in an offense that often has its primary option double or triple-teamed may prove to amplify his gifts as a facilitating/cutting big. Chris Boucher’s addition allows the Warriors to play small with a pure shooter at the 5. With Wiggins, Siakam, Oubre, and Boucher, it should provide enough rim protection to allow to play such lineups against most opponents. The strength of this squad around Curry should punish double/triple teams that he so often faces on a night-to-night basis. 

With a vast collection of long & strong wings, the switch-all-defense of the Warriors will be available, and Siakam’s passing skills should help replace what’s lost with Draymond’s departure on the offensive end. With the addition of two proper starting-caliber players, it beef’s up the Warrior’s depth, especially with Klay’s addition. It also allows the up-and-coming Poole to take the Jordan Clarkson roll off the bench, and Looney to play backup 4/5 as his talent suggests is his more suitable role. Early in the season with Siakam’s injury till the second month of the season, and Klay hopefully being slowly reintegrated in with minutes restriction, it allows for starting minutes of Oubre if the Warriors are willing to spend deep into the tax as they have done so this season. 

Every exchange is inherently a gamble. There is a world where the Warriors with this squad are nothing more than a 6th seed in a loaded West…however there is also a world where these wings pop and Golden State has more 20 plus scorers in their 8-man lineup than any other team in basketball. With countless violent pick ‘n roll options tag-teamed with Curry; it could prove to be the most explosive offense in the NBA.

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The Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have been one the most consistent franchises over the last handful of years. Until this season, they have situated themselves as an early appetizer as first or second-round knockouts for true title contenders in the East. Good but not great…right in the middle…the worst place to be in the NBA. Indiana is stocked with B- to B+ caliber players who other teams would love to have but aren’t willing to pay a premium for. Miles Turner has been on the block for 2 years with little interest in exchanging him for draft capital. With the Victor Oladipo saga finally concluded, Indiana can finally look at their roster without the illusion of an All-NBA talent on the back-burner. There are no soft-rebuild options for the Pacers, it is either run it back next year with a squad who didn’t make the playoff this year or blow it up and start again. 

           With Wisemen, the Minnesota pick, alongside their own lottery pick, they can shape their future around this newly formed young core. Most likely in this scenario, Draymond never plays for Indiana and is moved for draft capital and/or younger cheaper talent. (The Blazers and Lillard have openly coveted his addition to their roster, and most likely would include Covington, always injured restricted free agent Zach Collins, and picks.)

In this scenario, Indiana would be destined for the lottery in 2022 and would acquire another high draft pick to add to their young core.

Sabonis as a two-time All-Stars puts up monster numbers, and from the outside looking in at the box score appears to be a franchise-level talent. But when one watches the Pacers on a night-to-night basis, it’s seen the volume which it requires to accumulate these stats. However, it is not only the volume, but his overall talent is also simply not that a primary option and arguable not even a second option on a title team. He is a high-energy big who relentlessly rolls to the basket, but down the stretch of games, much of what he can contribute is nullified like many at his position. 

           Brogdon is a good, not great guard. In a way, he is a microcosm of the Pacers: a solid B-level player who plays smart, hard, but simply lacks the talent of the top-tier guards of the league. The Minnesota pick is a parachute that fast-tracks the rebuild in Indiana. It gives their fanbase something to look forward to, outside of the constant early exits from the playoffs.



Brogdon as a ball handler is essentially the polar opposite of Green. A smart and concise facilitator whose assists will rarely be featured on Sports Center, but down the stretch games he should prove to provide a stability which has been lacking the in the Curry/Draymond duo. With his ability and willingness to score and body smaller guards at the basket, in the doubles and triples sent to Steph, Brogdon would presumably average an easy 20+ points on efficient numbers as the 3rd/4th option in the Warriors’ offense. And at 6”5, running him at the 1/2 next to Curry and Klay at 6”7 should not be too much of size issue on the defensive end. He is simply just a smart selfless player would be ideal next to the Splash Brothers and Wiggins. 

Sabonis’ energy should prove to be a saving grace in the non-Steph minutes which have shown to be such an issue in this season. The spacing his interior game should provide serious problems for opposing defenses and their ability to cover Steph and Klay off ball. As an above average facilitator and the added tandem of Brogdon and Sabonis will create a new dynamic to Kerr’s off ball attacks. 

It is a lot to exchange for a non-All-NBA player, however, they are both solid above average starters on two of the best contracts in basketball. The Warriors would have exceptional depth with Klay’s return with Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Brogan, Sabonis, Oubre, Poole, Pascal, Looney, and JTA. And with an addition solid guard, Klay should be able to be slowly interrogated into the lineup and keep Poole as the microwave scorer off the bench.


After being annihilated in a 4-game sweep against Giannis and the Bucks, Miami’s front office will surely be at the drawing board this offseason with little restrictions. A complete 180 from last year’s Finals’ run, the untouchable pieces of Herro, Bam, and Butler, presumably will be made available. Whether the bubble was a mirage or not is irrelevant. What cannot be ignored, is with the well-oiled machines of the East in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Milwaukee, it is quite transparent this current roster in Miami is not built to win a title. The veteran pieces in Iggy and Dragic which they depended on in previous years have only continued to age. Allowing Crowder to leave to Phoenix has proven to be a miss-step, and the only silver lining of the season is how little they had to give up to take on the rental of the seemingly washed Victor Oladipo. 


The Heat 

A soft-rebuild option for The Heat provided by Golden State, Draymond directly replaces Bam as their interior distributor while acquiring the project in Wisemen and the Minnesota pick. Draymond + Butler should prove to be one of the most dynamic and threatening defensive lineups while having the shooting in Robinson and Herro to spread the floor around the 2 non-shooters. It also allows them to give the proper minutes needed to develop their recently drafted big, in Precious Achiuwa. While continuing to be a playoff caliber franchise, their young core could develop around Wisemen and the projected 5th pick in the loaded 2021 draft. 

As good as Bam may be at the moment, the Heat as currently constructed do not appear to be a serious contender and the Bubble appears to have been an anomaly. Unless they plan to sign a serious player in the off season, that fact is unlikely to change simply from internal development. If Miami entertains such an exchange it would be in belief that the upside on Wisemen and the pick they will select would together create a true title contender in the future. It may be wise to move off of Butler and Green as well for assets, however it seems post-season relevancy in the East is a priority for Riley and Miami.



           The Warriors welcome in with open arms a player who last year was considered the best player on the floor in the Eastern Conference Finals. His disappearance this year against Milwaukee is why he is available, however, as an excellent passing big, he is a perfect replacement for Draymond in the transition to a more traditional pick n’ roll attack Golden State plans to run in the post-Green era. The vertical spacing Bam will provide next to the Splash brothers should create the easiest 20 points in the NBA for Adebayo. Miami often is able to run their offense through Bam as a point center, which could replace some of what would be lost with Draymond as a facilitator. With a more traditional big, it would solidify the Warriors closing lineup in Curry, Klay, Oubre, Wiggins, and Bam, and keep Looney in a more realistic roll as a backup big. Poole would be set as their newly develop microwave weapon off the bench next to the hopefully hungry Eric Pascal. 



If one was forced into a prediction of the Warrior’s off-season moves it would the sign and trade of Oubre + Picks/Wisemen for the best wing available. It has been well-reported that ownership loves Draymond and has been even called “Joe Lacob’s guy.” However, there were reports prior to the play-in that Draymond trades would be explored by GM Bob Myers this off-season. Up until the late-season push after the Wisemen and Oubre injuries, many were confident in saying that trading the ex-Defensive-Player of the year was an absolute necessity. However, closing the season 8 of 9, two against the 1st and 2nd seeds in the West against the Suns and Jazz, the decision has again become a difficult one. Regardless of one’s perception on Green, a Draymond trade package must at the very least be considered.{For an alternative route for the Warriors, please check out our upcoming trade article: The Oubre Equation.}

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