Warriors Sell their Future for a Title Pt.II

Updated: October 10, 2021

Please read Part I for ideology and reasoning behind the moves.


The Bulls have zero intentions of moving off LaVine…however since they can’t offer him his extension till the offseason, if they don’t look like an actual title contender come the deadline, he may want to move elsewhere. They also must consider that no matter what he may say, if they get straight waxed in the first round of the playoffs, he may take the pay cut and sign a 4-year deal with another franchise and walk for nothing. This exchange would in a way wipe clean the moves they’ve made in the last year by moving off all their picks. Ideally, they would sell off their vet talent they have acquired and build around Lonzo Ball, Patrick Williams, and the 3 new young talents added to the core. They also own their own 1st this year, and I highly doubt they would be willing to tank, but if they were forced to move LaVine that is what would be in their best interest. But even without the tank, the young core is quite impressive, and if they had Lonzo, Moody, Kuminga, Williams, and Wisemen moving forward, it is extremely promising.

Golden State

Curry, LaVine, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond with Poole off the bench is the most terrifying arsenal offensive weapons in the NBA and that includes a fully healthy Brooklyn Nets squad. Especially with what LaVine showed with Team USA, he appears to have become a willing defender and far more versatile in the offense than a ball-dominant player like Dame Lillard. They would give up a tremendous amount of size on paper, but Klay at 6’7 and built a bit stockier than he was before his injury naturally should be moved to the wing anyways. And although Wiggins would get eaten up by the likes of Julius Randle or other bruising power forwards on the block, he would give them the same punishment in a different fashion on the offensive end with his skill set and athleticism. The scoring potential would just be ridiculous, especially considering they would be adding him without giving up any of their rotation pieces or starters. It also would solidify their depth by having Poole and Looney come off the bench. It would also create 2 more roster spots and allow them to sign an additional backup point guard and a big.


SGA is one of the best players under 25 in the league…however the idea he’ll ever be the best player on a title team is not a belief anyone in Oklahoma currently carries. He recently signed his max extension which essentially puts the Thunder on the clock to start making moves that leads them off the tank after this season. However, if they took this exchange, they could move forward with Josh Giddey (who they are obviously high on), Moody, Dort, Kuminga, and Wisemen, along with a top 5 pick collected in the upcoming draft. They have so many picks that if they wanted, they probably could buy 3 players in the top 5 if they felt inclined to. This move would allow them to continue to operate as the dumping ground for bad contracts and allow their newly formed young core to blossom.

Golden State

Shai at 6’6, good on and off-ball, plus defender, and a newly claimed jumper from behind arc literally a fit on any roster. Arguably, he would even be a better fit than LaVine since he has already proven to be a good defender and is so elite at penetrating the paint and kicking out to shooters, with snipers around him he might be completely unleashed. Even in the non-Curry/Klay minutes, SGA + Poole might be a better backcourt than half the leagues. Adding not only an All-Star level talent, but one that presumably would be reaching his prime in the latter years of the Splash Brothers would bridge the gap between the current regime and the future just like they are hoping to do with the rookies.

Golden State

It is an overpay if Siakam looks anything like he did last year, especially since he’s coming off shoulder surgery. However, on-court, essentially Looney is being swapped out for a guy who not so long ago was considered an All-NBA talent. He clearly is not the primary option on a title team, however, as a 3rd or 4th option next to the two best shooters in basketball, makes them far more dangerous even he is only 90 percent of what he was two years back. Although it looks like way too much for him, we have to remember that prior to the draft, the rumors floated around a Wiggins + Wisemen, plus picks package for Siakam. In this case, Golden State overpays in potential yet retains Wiggins and pairs him with Siakam.


With the new prize of Canada Scottie Barnes essentially playing the same position, the Raptors are rumored to be flirting with a soft-rebuild around their young core of Barnes, OG, and the newly acquired Precious Achiuwa. With ownership of their own pick this year, and the young Gary Trent Jr. under contract for the next 3 years on a favorable deal, they most likely would sell VanVleet and Dragic at the deadline and embrace the tank for this season. However, a young core of Trent, Moody, OG, Kuminga, Barnes, Achiuwa, and Wisemen is the best super young core in the league.


Imagine a scenario where they keep all the young talent on the roster and make no substantial moves going into the playoffs. 4 years down the road, when Curry is being overpaid and Klay is no longer Klay, even if Kuminga or Wisemen end up being a top 15 player (which is an unlikely best-case scenario), what is the likelihood they ever win a title? This core is special, and the vet rotation pieces they just picked up in the offseason look like a match made in heaven. If they can get another All-Star level talent to head into the playoffs, sacrificing the future is worth the possible rewards.

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